ode to a chalkboard wall

<3 <3 <3

Shall I compare thee to the velvet night sky?
Thou art as black, and totes as high
But we both know that, in your worth,
Thou art much closer to the earth.
In the face of flattery, you demure
Instead of glory, you’d prefer
A role more utilitarian
A few sticks of chalk in an old tin can
White beadboard for contrast on every side
In the modest hallway where you hide.
You cry out for trim in high gloss white
To coyly contrast with your color of night
Yet are equally lovely with corners unpainted,
With perfect matte skin by shopping lists, tainted.
If I had twenty gallons, I’d do every wall
Like you, the shade of the sky in a squall
Let the realtors gasp about value at resale
You’re gorgeous and this house is too goddamned pale.


One Response to “ode to a chalkboard wall”

  1. Gillian Says:

    That’s such an awesome idea for a wall. I like the poem, too. :)